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All orientations will meet at the Volunteer Resource Center in UMC 458.

If the orientation time does not work for you, please email [email protected] let us know what other times might work for you.

You are required to complete the orientation within 7 days of your sanction.

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The parent should discuss any concerns about the experience.

Open communication between adults ensures that the kids have adequate supervision.During an orientation you will: Volunteering doesn't have to be a punitive experience.It can be an opportunity to engage in your community, share your passions with others, build your experience and resume, and give back to the community you take part it in everyday. Boulder flood relief was a very humbling experience and I will continue to help out.When considering a community service opportunity it is important to ask a few questions. Examples of questions include: Will there be responsible adults present to supervise the students? How are completed community service hours reported to the school?A responsible parent or other adult should have contact with the adult supervising the teens on the community service project.Hagensen is certified as a Doula and Natural Childbirth Educator from the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth.