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Brian Patrick Wade took a role as Kurt in most of the Big Bang Theory episodes.

He has also taken some roles in other shows since then such as the NCIS and CSI – Miami.

After Sara had realized that he was addicted to dating many girls, she called it quits.

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Meantime, she is single but busy with her acting career. However, in real life has a quite an extraordinary life.Her last role was as Ester in the series Whole Day Down. They announced to the public about their relationship after attending a Laker’s match in March 2012. He is the lead singer and bassist of a band named Pepper. He has acted in shows including Reno 911 and the Citizens Brigade.He is married to his wife who is a bodybuilder and fitness trainer, Jill.The couple has a good relationship which has now lasted 10 years. He has also taken other roles such as in the Sarah Silverman Program and the Dumb and Dumber series.Her dating life off screen has been quite a busy one.

Her earliest boyfriend was a guy named Josh Resnik.

They have two boys together aged 12 and nine years old.

Stone was a committed father who had to convert to Judaism to Mormonism to be with his wife.

The Big Bang Theory presented some of the amazing episodes.

Their roles catapulted them to lead successful lives.

What made it so interesting were the on-screen relationships.