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The ace Tennis player Martina Navratilova identified her talent when Mirka was just 8 and appreciation from an international star such as hers, made her grow into one of the classiest Swiss women Tennis stars.

However, her recurring foot injury kept her away from constantly performing at the fullest of her skills and she just managed to enter the third round in the US Open 2001.

“Continuous discussion with my wife about the family, about my kids, is everybody happy on tour, are we happy to pack up and go on tour for five, six, seven weeks.

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Her name is Mirka, his wife of eight years, his partner of 17 years.And if her husband is the greatest of all time, that makes Mirka, Mrs Federer, the most successful woman in tennis.Football Wags are superficial and stupid, defined solely by their relationship to light-footed men; F1 partners are glamorous model-types, their designer shades the modern-day equivalent of a damsel’s pointy-hat as she watches her knight-in-shining-carbon disappear over the horizon.So reductive are the stereotypes of women who sleep with sportsmen that it takes real effort to consider them as anything other than two-dimensional onlookers; mere conduits for their male partners accomplishments.In a statement displaying a profound level of understanding, she has said: “You are that only once in your life. From the coxed eight and coxless four boats that won rowing Golds for Britain in the September of Sydney 2000, only two of those 13 men were in the same relationships by the following Christmas: Matthew Pinsent and Steve Redgrave.

Every other woman, despite supporting these sporting gods through the travails of an Olympiad had walked away due to unmet expectations; a lack of appreciation or the complications of watching their partners make the difficult transition from adored sportsman to has-been.

Being married to a man whose life is more important than yours can feel lonely, demoralising and - on more childish days - completely unfair.

Like so many wives before her, Mrs Federer feels that her time will come when Federer’s body can no longer take the grind of the circuit. We have discussed this.” I wish her luck with that. There is only one thing worse than a driven, stubborn sportsman and that’s a driven, stubborn ex-sportsman.

And we didn’t hear a word of what any one of them had to say on the subject.

Thanks to Twitter, sporting wives now have an outlet for their opinions and unsurprisingly they tend to be strong ones: Catherine Wiggins appeared not to credit Chris Froome when her husband Bradley won the Tour de France in 2012 eliciting a response from Froome’s partner Michelle Cound that read: “If you want loyalty get a Froome dog, a quality I value although being taken for granted by others.” Singer Jessica Taylor took issue with Jonathan Agnew’s criticism of her husband Kevin Peterson by stating: “As a wife and a mother I have every right to defend my family when I see fit.” And Coleen Rooney felt compelled to respond to criticism of Wayne in the Brazilian World Cup by tweeting: “You take his place then, let’s see how you get on!

And his success is their success, as their embrace in the corridors of Melbourne Park after he won the Australian Open in January testifies: she was happier than he was.