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Without auspistices, widespread black infidelity is guaranteed.It is one of the two conciliatory relationships, those more platonic to humans, the other being moirallegiance.Matespritship and kismesissitude are part of the concupiscent group, and revolve around more sensual emotions.

Moirallegiance is a portmanteau of "moira" (fated) and "allegiance." This kind of relationship may be most similar to the Greek concept of φιλία (philia), or "brotherly love".Known moirails: , and Vriska and Tavros, all of whom have been shown to be potentially caliginous to some degree, as the emotions between two auspisticized trolls are similar to those of kismesis but are interfered with by the auspistice.Known auspistices: Kismesissitude is what a troll feels towards someone known as their kismesis.It is linked to hatred, and it is necessary that both parties feel equal, balanced hatred towards each other.Moirallegiance may also entail pacifying one's partner, like what Nepeta does for Equius and Karkat for Gamzee.

Moirallegiance may translate (roughly) to our human concept of "love for best friend" which contains no intent for reproduction.

Unlike the other quadrants, ashen feelings have only been shown and have only felt by the auspistice and not the two parties in the mediated relationship.

It may be permissible for a troll to be involved in more than one ashen triad at a time, according to Karkat's suggestion that he auspisticise between Rose and Kanaya in order for Kanaya to auspisticise between Terezi and Gamzee.

As it thrives on a rivalry between two trolls, defeating or killing your kismesis is discouraged, since obviously there wouldn't be a relationship anymore.

However, despite the stronger hatred aspect of the relationship, in order for a kismesis to last there must be some level of respect between the those persons involved; the tension in kismesissitude relies not only on hatred and annoyance of ones more irksome aspects, but also a level of admiration for their more positive aspects, as explained .

Trolls do not differentiate when it comes to their relationships - the very idea is foreign to them.