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The diameter of propeller is governed by its speed of rotation and the power of the engine rotating it. If the propeller had too small surface area for the power provided it would over speed and cavitate at high revolution, providing little or no thrust.

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This is the sum of the following factors: a) 1.5–2 % influence of wind and weather with an adverse effect on the intake water flow of the propeller. c) 1% frictional losses due to increase of propeller blade roughness d) 1% deterioration in engine efficiency such as: • Fouling of scavenge air coolers. Most owners specify the contractual ship’s loaded service speed at 85 to 90 % of the contract maximum continuous rating.

b) 1.5–2% increase of ship’s resistance and mean effective wake brought about by: • Rippling of hull (frame to frame). The remaining 10 to 15 % power can then be utilized to catch up with delays in schedule or for the timing of dry docking intervals. Shaft Generator Margin (SG) :- It is given in case a shaft generator is fitted.

From the curve he can easily make out that for the particular engine power what will be the maximum rpm at which he can run the engine to get good propeller efficiency.

In case of fixed pitch propeller, when operating in heavy weather condition, the propeller performance curves i.e.

For this the chief engineer will require propeller curve. Sea Margin( SM) (approximately 15% power) The increase in power to maintain a given ship’s speed achieved in calm weather (point ‘A’ ) and under average service condition (point ‘D’), is defined as the ‘sea margin’.

This margin can vary depending on owner’s and charterer’s expectations, routes, season and schedules of the ship.

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The location of the reference point ‘A’ and the magnitude of the sea margin are determined between the shipbuilder and the owner.