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As a result, there are delayed birth registrations on file for many individuals as far back as 1801, although coverage is by no means complete.Privacy Legislation: The Vital Statistics Office holds records for New Brunswick vital records (births, deaths, and marriages, but not divorces) for the following time periods, following which they are transferred to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick: Interestingly, according to an Archives employee, divorce records, and divorce files themselves, are not subject to privacy legislation in New Brunswick.Civil registration included provisions for delayed registration of births, as some individuals required official government documentation of birth for other purposes, such as passports for travel.

Those requirements did not undergo any substantial change from 1812 to 1888, when civil registration began.Also, the Act imposed a fine of 20 pounds for not registering a marriage.In 1812, a new Act seeking to improve marriage registration was passed.In addition to requiring all clergymen performing marriages (except for Quakers), as well as the Justices of the Peace, to send certificates of marriage to the county Clerk of the Peace, it set out detailed requirements with respect to the contents of the marriage certificates and the format of the County Marriage Register.Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics, a work which compiles New Brunswick and area newspaper accounts of births, deaths, marriages, and moves outside the province from 1794 to 1896. You can order copies of more recent certificates (i.e., those held by the Vital Statistics Office) online, by mail, or in person from the Vital Records Office, for the fees outlined above, provided you meet the criteria for access.

Their mailing address and physical location are as follows: New Brunswick Department of Health and Wellness Vital Statistics Office Box 6000 Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5H1 Canada Physical Location: Suite 203, 435 King Street, Fredericton, NB Phone: (506) 453-2385 Fax: (506) 444-4139 The New Brunswick Provincial Archives building is located on the campus of the University of New Brunswick.New Brunswick vital records that are not in the Provincial Archives may be in the churches themselves, in the headquarters for that church group, in other forms of archives, or lost to the usual ‘natural disasters’ of fire, flood, etc.There are various other efforts underway to make the available New Brunswick vital records accessible online.In an effort to govern an increasing population, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were divided into two separate provinces.Civil Registration Records Civil registration of New Brunswick vital records (births, marriages and deaths) began in January of 1888.The address is: Provincial Archives Richard Bennett Hatfield Archives Complex Bonar Law - Bennett Building 23 Dineen Drive UNB Campus Fredericton, NB Canada (506) 453-2122 The mailing address is: PO Box 6000 Fredericton, NB CANADA E3B 5H1 The Provincial Archives also has an online, searchable database with various indices to records of interest to genealogists in it.