New york dating gunfights erupt in iraqi capital

In a bid to prevent anti-occupation militia leaders fleeing Baqubah, the US military cordoned off the city, trapping the entire population.

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Minister of the Interior Nouri al-Maliki said that Iraqi soldiers would depart restive cities in Anbar Province, but reversed that decision the following day. On the same day, the Iraq army shelled the western city of Fallujah with mortar bombs overnight to try to wrest back control from Sunni Muslim militants and tribesmen, killing at least eight people.

Fallujah has been held since by militants linked to al Qaeda and by tribal fighters united in their opposition to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, in a serious challenge to the authority of his Shi'ite-led government in Anbar province.

forces returned there in mid-2014 to help the Iraqi government regain the wide swaths of territory captured by the Islamic State.'When Charlie left IU to enlist and try to become a SEAL, I don't think it really surprised any of us,' said Robert Chapman, professor of kinesiology at IU Bloomington, who served as Indiana men's cross country coach from 1998-2007. forces returned there in mid-2014 to help the Iraqi government regain the wide swaths of territory captured by the Islamic State (stock picture of Kurdish checkpoint)In a joint statement, he and the European allies reaffirmed support 'to further accelerate and reinforce the success of our partners on the ground and for the deployment of additional enabling capabilities in the near term.''We called on all of Iraq's political leaders to commit themselves to the legal and peaceful reconciliation of political differences in order to confront the nation's challenges and to remain united against the common enemy,' they said.'Our overall approach is to enable local forces to do the fighting ...

A huge US offensive codenamed “Operation Arrowhead Ripper” is underway in the Iraqi city of Baqubah, as part of extensive American operations aimed at suppressing insurgent groups in Baghdad and areas to the north and south of the capital.

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Sunni extremists last year proclaimed Baqubah the capital of the “Islamic State of Iraq” but the group known as “Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia” is just one of a number of Sunni insurgent outfits involved.

Reflecting the sentiments in the US military hierarchy, embedded reporter Michael Yon could barely contain his glee over the Baqubah operation.

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