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Mainly their ability is to accept or reject Platoon applications, if the Platoon is set to “Apply-to-Join”, as well as link their Rented Servers to the Platoon.Private - Private is the initial rank any new member gets in the Platoon.

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This rank doesn’t give you access to anything, besides the fact that you are now a member of the Platoon and can represent it and join other members playing.As a rule of thumb, you can always promote someone else to one rank lower than your own, and demote or kick members that are one rank or lower than your own.The emblem is then “copied” to the Platoon, meaning that if you later update your own emblem, it’s not automatically reflected in the Platoon emblem.Access Type - This selection defines how other players can and cannot join your Platoon: It’s always possible to change any of these values or settings at any time, as long as the Platoon member has permission to modify it.The player will see your name blinking in the death screen and show as “incoming medic”. If they decide to skip anyway, they didn’t deserve to be saved in the first place.

Just as with the other parts of the game, server administration functionality is something we will continuously improve over time. Please keep giving us feedback on what to improve next.Furthermore, if your represented Platoon contributed the most to a Flag Capture (with at least two members present), a pennant carrying your Platoon emblem will be shown on the flag pole. We currently employ limitations of 100 members per Platoon – if your group is more than 100 people, we suggest you create more Platoons with the same name, tag, emblem and description – and you can at max be a member of 10 Platoons.This includes pending applications; if you are a member of 8 Platoons and have 2 Platoons with pending applications to join, you will not be able to join or apply for any other Platoon unless you leave a Platoon or cancel an application.Below is an overview of what’s available in this initial release: Create & Manage - Any player can create a Platoon; you are however limited to one General role, the highest rank and the rank a Platoon creator starts with, at any one time.When creating a Platoon, you can add the following info: Name - This is required and must be 3-24 characters. Tag - This is required and consists of 2-4 alpha-numerical characters. Description - This is optional and can be up to 256 characters long.You will retain your membership and rank in the Platoon; it’s basically just something you toggle.