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The author of "101 Quizzes for Couples" and "The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags," she is regularly called on as a relationship expert by various media outlets around the world. Once you tip the scales too far, you’re no longer just a “nice person,” you’re actually acting in ways that can be detrimental to your overall well-being.We’re encouraged from childhood to be nice to others, but when it comes to how we treat other people, there’s being kind and then there’s going overboard in the nice department. Here are six ways that being too nice can seriously hold you back in life, work and love.Do you ever feel as if you’re living someone else’s life?

Even if you have just three items and they have well over the 12-item limit.

You're positive they wouldn't ask if it wasn't a matter of life and death to get out of the store three minutes before you.2. If the grocery checker gives you too much change, even if it's only a few cents, you'll return it.

While being authentic in a relationship is important, being true to yourself must take precedence.

“A strong part of being happy entails identifying and pursuing your own values and strengths,” Lombardo says.

In order to lead a fulfilled life, you need to first please yourself by identifying your values and applying them to your life, Lombardo says.

Otherwise, you’ll always be marching to the beat of someone else’s proverbial drum.If there's a mistake in your bank balance, you'll be sure to alert someone to it. The idea of sending something back to the kitchen when they've got your order wrong has never crossed your mind, nor has correcting someone when they mispronounce your name.You don't want anyone to suffer at your gain, even if that means you got an extra order of fries at the drive-thru.reactiongifs4. You've never met a crowdfunding campaign that you could refuse or a walkathon you couldn't support, and you're everybody's first draft for volunteer work. Well, you wouldn't want them to feel bad because of you.16. Your friend Caleb always tells you everything that's happening in his life in excruciating detail, yet never has time to listen to you, but you still take his calls.Try to find a balance between being nice and being a doormat.Practice kindness without sacrificing yourself in order to do it.“If you have a pattern of overgenerosity of your time, money and self, you may tend to attract people who take full advantage of an overgiving tendency,” she says.