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“The Jewish soul is a precious, all-too-rare resource, and we are not prepared to give up on even a single one,” says the website.

Yad L’achim’s founder, Rabbi Shlomo Dov Lifschitz, is quoted on the site saying: “People must understand that Jewish-Arab marriages are part of the larger Israeli-Arab conflict. They [Arab men] see it as their goal to marry them [Jewish women] and ensure that their children aren’t raised as Jews. They feel that if they can’t defeat us in war, they can wipe us out this way.” The degree of general opposition in Israel to interracial marriage was suggested by a government-backed television ad campaign earlier this month that urged Israeli Jews to inform on relatives abroad who were in danger of marrying a non-Jew.

Even in the handful of “mixed cities,” Arab residents are usually confined to separate neighborhoods.

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"This man has a long history of hostility to Palestinians, dating to when he was at the United Nations, where he was protecting Israeli immunity," Ashrawi told on Friday.Ashrawi went on to say that President Trump’s decision to appoint Bolton revealed that his administration "has joined with extremist Zionists, fundamentalist Christians and white racists.” "All this will lead to a devastating reality for Palestine and the region.” Bolton has in the past criticized the two-state solution, and in a 2017 ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, said the two-state solution was “dead”.Last year, the municipality of Kiryat Gat, a town of 50,000 Jews in southern Israel, launched a program in schools to warn Jewish girls of the dangers of dating local Bedouin men.The girls were shown a video titled , which describes mixed couples as an “unnatural phenomenon.” Haim Shalom, head of the municipality’s welfare department, is filmed saying: “The girls, in their innocence, go with the exploitative Arab.” A police representative also warns that the Bedouin men’s “goal is to take advantage of the girls.In sentiments widely shared, Hezi Hakak, a spokesman for Petah Tikva municipality, said “Russian girls” — young Jewish women whose parents arrived in Israel over the past two decades, since the collapse of the former Soviet Union — were particularly vulnerable to the attention of Arab men. Yonay said Russian women were less closed to the idea of relationships with Arab men because they “did not undergo the religious and Zionist education” to which more established Israeli Jews were subject.

Hakak said the municipality had created a hotline that parents and friends of the Jewish women could use to inform on them.

The collections of the library can be divided into three parts: Books: The number of books in the library is around 20,000, and includes a significant collection of publications dealing with Islamic archaeology, most of which are in English, with a few in French.

Within the collection are about two thousand titles that go back to the Ottoman period, written in Ottoman Turkish using the Arabic alphabet.

According to its website, the organization receives more than 100 calls a month about Jewish women living with Arab men, both in Israel and the West Bank.

It launches “military-like rescues [of the women] from hostile Arab villages” in coordination with the police and army.

There is no element of love or an innocent friendly relationship here.” In 2004, posters sprang up all over the northern town of Safed warning Jewish women that dating Arab men would lead to “beatings, hard drugs, prostitution and crime.” Safed’s chief rabbi, Shmuel Eliyahu, told a local newspaper that the “seducing” of Jewish girls was “another form of war” by Arab men.