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Kristi was there for me while my mom put me and my sister through hell with abusive guys that she dated; physically and mentally.

We became best friends which blossomed into a great loving relationship. Kristi and I had to hide our relationship from our religious families and church that we were extremely involved in.

As you can see, polyamorous people have the same issues as monogamous people…. Ashley-My girlfriend and I are in a polyamorous triad with my husband. Throughout our entire relationship I have struggled with the fact that she is still best friends with her ex girlfriend of 8 years.

They haven’t been in a relationship for 7 years, but they have each cheated on other partners with each other since then.

We haven’t been apart since then taking trips together (we did have sex in 2010 on a trip) we do everything together and still have that strong connection.

We have never given up on each other and it is amazing to know that I will always have someone in my corner no matter what.

This would strengthen their relationship while also allowing Ashley to see what it is about Kristi that is so appealing to Crystal.

Acknowledging and respecting the important part that Kristi plays in Crystal’s life is important if Crystal is to remain satisfied in and committed to the triad.

I am also terrified that they are going to one day realize that they should have stayed together, and Crystal will leave.

We are poly, and Crystal is dating and looking to find a primary partner, so I feel like it shouldn’t affect me as much as it does.

Within the last few months, Crystal has become so much better about being open and honest about the nature of her relationship with Kristi and the time that they spend together, that I think Ashley is having an easier time accepting it than she used to.

However, I feel like Ashley could use some help finding better ways to deal with her jealousy and own insecurities. The key point to note is that Crystal is dating and looking for a primary partner, which Ashley is cool with.

Crystal- Kristi and I have grown up together, we met when we were seven.