Portuguese dating site

My main criteria in order to establish a fwb relationship would be to find a guy who was able to keep his mouth shut and be trustworthy.I have an English cousin that moved here to finish the 12th grade.

And the main difference between the portuguese dating scene and other countries (example: USA) are items 1 and 2.In other cultures, it's very "normal" to start conversations with perfect strangers in public settings.Conclusion: we should create a sub just for open minded Portuguese people to date. :)But it's ok, because the chances are you will be a weirdo and think about that moment for the rest of the month, but that's about it. I usually say that chats are supposed to be fun, if they are tough and hard to keep then they are no different than college or a job, so whats the point? I've never dated a Portuguese girl but I live here and while I've noticed some of these "famous" traits in the women, what I find most difficult (and this is perhaps very related) is getting them to talk is "like pulling teeth", as we say in English.You won't be seeing those girls again (hopefully) and you can repeat this process until you find that person who will be ok with that awkward moment. Once i made the mistake of trying it with a coworker, at that time, it was the last day i saw her... It didn't go well and i was ok with that, the worst was when 2 weeks later i had to see and talk with her. In Brazil, one might simply say "não têm conversa".Of course, I'm one person and my sample size, so to speak, is very small so take it with a grain of salt.

Like the men, the women are "in their own world" here, which is kind of obvious since I'm the one who is in your country.

I was always a very liberal girl in regards to relationships/casual things and I felt the need to do things in secret before going to college and make like-minded friends who didn't judge me.

It's like guys ask for girls to be more willing to do casual stuff, but then antagonize them afterwards.

For example, when I lived in Rio de Janeiro, everyone used Tinder without issues.

It was normal for girls to meet guys there without any issue at all.

I have dated Portuguese and foreign guys, I would rate Portuguese men as the most conversative, only beating the Italians.