Quartz dating race

As a sociologist, I am entirely unsurprised that race matters, especially in such a personal process like dating/mating.

However, these findings may come as a surprise to the (quite significant) segments of the population who identify as color-blind; those who label contemporary society post-racial. Social psychologists know that what people say and what they do have little empirical connection.

As shown by Quartz, "we" fetishize Asian women while devaluing blacks.

Quartz, a business and marketing website, recently released data on the Facebook dating app Are You Interested (AYI), which connects singles within the confines of their direct and indirect Facebook networks.

Quartz' data are based on a series of yes or no questions about who users are interested in, as well as response rates between users, once notified of a potential suitor.

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All men except Asians preferred Asian women, while all except black women preferred white men.

And both black men and black women got the lowest response rates for their respective genders.As such, although the Quartz graph of user data is revealing, the presence of racial identification and racial preference on dating sites in general already demolish arguments about colorblindness and post-racial culture.Jenny Davis is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at James Madison University.She writes about social psychology and new technologies.Jenny is a weekly contributor for the Cyborglogy blog (Cyborgology.org), where this piece first appeared.Dating sites capture what we do, and play it back for us.