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Whether you are into gentle walking or more strenuous hillwalking and mountaineering, there are walking events to meet every taste.If your passion is walking then why not suggest a walk for the first date.Safety status of Dating.is described as follows: My WOT reports its overall reputation as excellent, Google Safe Browsing reports its status as safe, while users provide mostly negative reviews (100%).

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Outdoor Duo can act as a walking club for those who want to meet up in a group.

See our Invitations page for events where you can meet other singles as part of a relaxed group where newcomers are always very welcome.

To avoid confusion Outdoor Duo uses one category, walking.

Additional categories exist however for mountaineering, scrambling and climbing as these go beyond normal hillwalking.

You can use the advanced search to find new friends, partners or potential dates who share your level of interest in either walking, mountaineering or various other outdoor pursuits.

Additional categories exist on however for mountaineering, scrambling and climbing as these go beyond normal hillwalking.Aveiro, Derick Bruce, John Stefan, Harris Mitchell, David Lessar, Allison Kyle Dewayne, Mauro Santiago Jason Hundez; [email protected]; 19125805234 Stephen Mans Sebastien; [email protected]; Kuala Lipis, Malaysia Andrew Swallow; [email protected]; Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana Dave Alvin Sierra; 2347032773432 Dominic Ernest; [email protected]; Ottawa, British Columbia, Canada Judge Duko; [email protected]; 221763219369 Rita Santos, Raymond David; [email protected]; 221771109140 Mark Jacob; [email protected]; 221771102818 Gerald Boyd; [email protected]; Johannesburg, South Africa; Ontario, Canada Mathew Tosin, Christopher Mendoza; [email protected]; 07030661087; New York City, NY, USA; Nigeria Nickolas Allen, Dunbar, Lewis Waller; [email protected], [email protected]; Tennessee, Nashville, USA; Texas City, Texas, USA; Austin, Texas, USA Dominic Johnson, Dani Mardiana; 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G.A ramble in your local area, or a meet up in one of the UKs many exciting outdoor destinations, would be a good start to a new relationship and take away much of the nervousness of a traditional pub or restaurant date.