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We are located across from the local Post Office, beside the County Sheriff's department, and on opposite corners from the new County Court House.The project would preserve information about business ownership in Iowa between the 1850s and the 1990s — more than 2 million images that currently are stored on microfilm, microfiche and physical cards in filing cabinets.“By placing Nucleus in Wick, the NDA is honouring our responsibility to help offset the economic impact of closing down sites that were once major regional employers.” NDA chairman Stephen Henwood, said: “Today we see a new chapter in the important role Caithness has played in the UK’s nuclear history.

It's also helpful for businesses conducting other research, says Crystal Mowrer, a lead paralegal at Transamerica Life Insurance Company in Cedar Rapids who has accessed available records on the secretary of state's website to review companies."It's so beneficial to us, businesses in Iowa, to have a good base of information," she said.As well as housing nuclear records, the facility will contain a collection of local Scottish records that has outgrown its existing home.Records from Dounreay were the first nuclear collection to arrive.The triangular single-storey building has a large public area, including a reading room and community space for exhibitions, study or training.

The archive will also fulfil an important role for the future geological disposal facility that is being developed for the UK, acting as a central repository for detailed waste records that must be safeguarded for many generations.

These include almost a third of a million photographs and 200 tonnes of paperwork.

The Caithness collection, with records dating back to the 16th century, is already in place.

UK nuclear records from 17 sites dating back to the 1940s will be on public show for the first time today at a new archive in Caithness.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has funded the centre in Wick, close to one of the country’s earliest nuclear research sites at Dounreay.

The donation also includes a small number of photographs and other items relating to the school’s history.