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Later in 2001, Winchester reintroduced the rifle during the 100 year anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt's presidential administration, offering it again in .405 Winchester, as well as .30-06 Springfield and .30-40 Krag since its reintroduction.Object Description: REMINGTON SHOTGUN MODEL 11-A 12 GAUGE SN# 190747 Manufactured by Remington Arms, Ilion, N. You will find his inspector's mark on not only the Remington Model 31, but the Ithaca M37 and the Remington M1903." - Remington Society of American Journal, 1st Quarter, 2006.

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The M1895 is the strongest lever-action rifle Winchester has produced, designed to handle the increased pressures generated by the more powerful smokeless powder cartridges entering common use at the time of its introduction.

By today’s standards however, the design is considered relatively weak, and not suited to high pressure loads. One hundred of these rifles were issued to the 33rd Volunteer Infantry for field testing in the Philippine–American War.

Notes: The Remington Model 11 was a favorite of Bonnie & Clyde.

With nearly 9,000 Model 31 shotguns being supplied, I would consider them scarce and should be of interest to collectors of WWII firearms, as well as to Remington collectors.

If it is a 1978 then the prefix letter in the serial number on the receiver will most likely be "V".

If it is a 1996 then the prefix letter in the serial number on the receiver will most likely be "B" or possible "C" Please always keep in mind that if you bought your gun used or second hand it may have had the barrels swapped and this can cause much confusion......example is a 1996 barrel will fit just fine on a 1978 receiver or vice versa!!!!!

The rifle is most commonly associated today with former President Theodore Roosevelt; however, it was also used by many other famed hunters and adventurers, to include Martin and Osa Johnson, Charles Cottar, and author Stewart Edward White. While the serial number of Kermit's .30-03 has been lost, the serial numbers of the three .405 rifles are known to have been 63727, 63736, and 68180.

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The Model 1895 in both its rifle and carbine configuration was popular with the Texas Rangers and Arizona Rangers in both the 30-40 Krag and 30-06 Springfield calibers.

In 1985, the Browning Arms Company reintroduced the M1895 rifle in .30-06 Springfield.

This allowed the rifle to safely chamber military and hunting cartridges with spitzer (pointed) bullets.