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This is an alternate cover edition for B00HZZT5ZO A new job. Just when she decided to live an uncomplicated boring single life, here co The Best Girls are back, and they're funnier and feistier and more charming than ever.

Oh, there are also two little additions to the Best-Gherring family and they're probably going to be my most favorites yet.

Tamie Dearen hits another jackpot with her Best Girls series.

I love the characters, each one with a likeable personality. My Thoughts This is the second book in The Best Girl’s Book. (Sorry for the pun, but the book inspires wit.)I enjoyed the clean, pure love that radiated from the pages.

I love the characters, each one with a likeable personality. Funny and feisty came to mind as I turned the pages.

He's got lots of girl friends in the hiking club, but he never ever has kissed one, because he's waiting for that one special girl to share it with.

In Best Dating Rules, we meet a lot of new characters and fun personalities. Spencer Marshall has the reputation of a player, even though he's yet to kiss a girl. Emily Best went to work for her stepfather, and now she's on a mission to prove she's the right woman for the job. Not now, and especially not with a player like Spencer.If you're ready to escape with some light, I'm hooked and now will have to read the whole "Best Girl" series!If you're ready to escape with some light, fun reading this is for you!Here's what I thought about the book I received the book by the author for an honest review (Thank you Tamie! This review is based on the ARC copy and some changes may have been made by the editor or author so the review may differ from the published copy.