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If you’re currently a couch potato, he says taking up running will lead to improved erections within a few months.

Taking a cue from the London Marathon, amateur cyclists participate in 100-mile and 46-mile sportives on closed roads in London and Surrey.

Find out more Date: Sunday 22 April 2018 The Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon is the official British Athletics three-mile road championships for young athletes aged between 11 and 17.

Even if your running habit puts your man parts in some uncomfortable situations—like a long run on a sweltering afternoon without adequate support—you don’t have much to worry about, adds Tobias Köhler, M.

D., a urologist and chief of male infertility at Southern Illinois University.

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Football and rugby If you can feign even the tiniest amount of interest in these sports, and if you can stomach going along to a few matches, then you are completely set. Cricket Cricket is a different kind of sport altogether from rugby and football - and generally attracts a quite different kind of guy.

Most people start drinking at 11am and continue right on through till dusk. I would guess that in the Lords' Pavilion, women are outnumbered by about 50 to one. Nothing they like more than getting in behind the seat of some flashy sports car and going vroom-vroom-vroom. I didn't go to this year's Car-Fest, organised by the Radio Two DJ Chris Evans, but I understand from a friend that it was wall-to-wall men.

Organised by London Marathon Events, the festival is held in and around the beautiful Serpentine in Hyde Park, the venue for the open water swimming competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Find out more Date: 27-29 July 2018 Prudential Ride London is a world-class festival of cycling.

I thought that medicine would be thick with men, but I am reliably informed that - rather counter-intuitively - many more women are training to be medics these days. It's the one country that is absolutely booming while everyone else goes to the wall. And then there will also be the total head-cases, who want to hit the slopes straight after breakfast and who want to keep going all the way until they've been carted off to the local hospital. If you want the men to yourself, head for a traditional British beer fest, where the beers can be blonde or treacly, and where the pendulous bellies roll over the men's belts like ice over-hangs.