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Its turn-by-turn instructions use landmarks, traffic lights and buildings as cues for directions.It also reiterated the road names just before turning, ensuring we’d make no mistake.

A side bar on the right showed us the length of time to our destination, plus fuel stations on the journey.

Price: Around £100Coverage/updates: Europe/free Rating: 2.0As the cheapest sat-nav here, Mio’s Spirit 5400 LM does without many of the pricier models’ bells and whistles.

Other features such as speed camera alerts were taken into account. • Best sat-nav apps The Tom Tom GO 6200 is clearly the best sat-nav here.

Garmin’s Drive 51 is our budget choice thanks to its clear instructions and solid interface.

Price: Around £160Coverage/updates: Europe/free Rating: 3.0This 6.2-inch Mio sat-nav comes with lifetime map and traffic updates.

The menu was easy to use, although the touchscreen wasn’t as responsive as the Garmin or Tom Tom’s.

Along with the bells and whistles each product offers, prices range significantly, but for a good quality unit you are looking at at least £100.

We used a standard route mixing busy city driving and faster A-roads.

While the Mio did alert us to some jams, it was nowhere near as accurate as the Tom Tom; this showed the exact type and delay of the traffic.

We also noted that the Mio’s screen wasn’t as clear or crisp as those from Tom Tom or Garmin.

Like the 8760 LM, we found the 4.3-inch screen less intuitive and slower to respond than the Tom Tom and Garmin.