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Power Struggle - The Sabbath fast becomes a key issue in the rivalry between church leaders in Rome and Constantinople.Deceptions - The “letter from heaven” threatens Sunday-breakers.Sabbath Survives - Proof of seventh-day (Saturday) Sabbath observance into the middle of the fourth century.

The Day of the Sun - Roman sun worship and its link to Christian Sunday observance.Sunday Law - Constantine legalizes Sunday as the weekly day of rest in the Roman Empire.The Lollards - They take Wycliffe's views to England and beyond. the Bible - The church-state establishment opposes the spread of the Bible and the ideas of Wycliffe and the Lollards.Russian Reformation - This Sabbath-keeping movement reached to the highest levels of Russian society and led to fiery executions in Moscow's Red Square Ethiopia: Sabbath Crisis - Jesuit missionaries succeeded in converting the Emperor to Roman Catholicism, but attempts to quash Sabbath-keeping resulted in civil war.Fight for Truth - Resistance to church/state authority brings tragedy.

John Wycliffe: Champion of Conscience - An Oxford professor focuses new attention on the Bible as the supreme authority for Christian faith and practice.

The Real Patrick - Once a slave in Ireland, Patrick responds to a divine call and returns to the Emeral Isle as a missionary.

Celtic Sabbath - Saturday observed as Sabbath by Celtic Christians.

Point of Contact - The weekly Sabbath in man's relationship to God.

A Day for All Mankind - The universal and perpetual purpose for the weekly day of rest.

This is by far one of the best productions ever made on the history of the Sabbath.