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We also spoke to others in New Zealand, including former friends of Morgan Marquis-Boire, who say that this pattern of behavior was well-known in their community.This couldn’t be more different from how he was perceived by the wider public.On a late night in March 2013, Lila* fell asleep on a hotel bed, over the covers, with her clothes still on, while her then-partner, Morgan Marquis-Boire was engrossed in a conversation with one of their friends.

In short, Marquis-Boire was supposed to be one of the good guys. Dana, a close friend of both Marquis-Boire and Lila, ran in the same San Francisco social circles.She was never in a relationship with Marquis-Boire, but they were very good friends, and his emotional support had become “a precious lifeline” to Dana.One alleged victim told us that he had apologized to her, but had done it — either coincidentally or on purpose — through an ephemeral messaging app, one of the very technologies he had advocated for as an activist.Lila, on the other hand, managed to out-maneuver him.In 2015, after the relationship had ended, Lila told Dana for the first time about what had happened in the Toronto hotel room.

In response, Dana recounted in broad strokes what Ann-King had told her via Facebook Messenger, but it was somewhat vague.

Ron Deibert, the director of Citizen Lab, praised him as "extraordinarily talented," and added, “but what I very much appreciate about him is his passion for human rights.” Marquis-Boire and the mutual friend were engaged in a high-level technical discussion, despite the fact that all three had been drinking heavily that night.

Marquis-Boire had taken some pills — benzos, Lila thought, or common prescription tranquilizers. Several hours later, Lila became conscious of Marquis-Boire shaking her awake. At first she thought Marquis-Boire was just rousing her so she could change her clothes and get into bed.

When Chloe Ann-King, a woman in Auckland, New Zealand, reached out to Dana via Facebook Messenger in September 2014 to warn her about Marquis-Boire, the ensuing conversation made her head spin.

Ann-King alleged that Marquis-Boire had physically and sexually abused close friends of hers, including coercing anal sex from a woman too intoxicated to consent.

But no one believed the women trying to blow the whistle on the man who protected whistleblowers.