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In other words, the victims were telling the truth.In reality, this “expert” never met the alleged victims, never reviewed the case file, and knew nothing about the case.Please contact us with any questions or for clarification.

During jury selection, we learned that the President of the jury, an O-6, was responsible for implementing the Fort Carson Sex Assault Program.He was friends with the Victim Advocates and had worked with the lead prosecutor, fighting sex assault.During a break in the court martial, one of the victim advocates started heckling the defense.During the trial, the prosecution called the Chief of the Fort Carson Sex Assault Program, a supposed expert in “Sexual Assault Victim Behavior.” The “victim behavior” expert testified that all of the actions of the alleged victims in this case were “consistent” with sex assault victims.(NOTE: In the modern military, if you are a female, one easy way to avoid a negative discharge for misconduct is to make up a false sex assault allegation.

You are guaranteed an Honorable and you may get VA and victim compensation payments).The accused allegedly entered a female Airman’s dorm room without permission and committed the offenses while she was incoherent from a high powered psychiatric medicine.The victim claimed that she did not invite the client into her room (in reality, she opened the door) and that she did not have a dating relationship with him (although they dated for weeks prior to the sex). Our client maintained his innocence from the beginning.Note: These are real case results from cases that Mr.Waddington personally handled over the past couple of years. A success in one case does not guarantee success in another similar case.Because NCIS wants convictions, regardless of the the truth, they ignored key evidence and failed to collect evidence that proved our client’s innocence. The NCIS agent was exposed as incompetent and corrupt.