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Every booth has a generous gloryhole and the vids are decent.

I have sucked a few guys off here and even got a blowjob from an employee there. Park there and walk through the Borkholder Environmental Center gate.Follow the first grass trail to the right until you see the first trail branching to the left.Went to the T-room and got a close look at some fine cock. There are lots of areas to go in the woods for fun. The dam toilet, mostly the pit toilets and also at Fairfax/Fourwinds there are three... I walked by a shower door and a dark-haired guy in his thirties had his door open and was showing off his hard cock. I was there yesterday and did meet some dog ugly guy there who hit on me.Walked to the back truck lot and took three Fed Ex driver loads. I have had a lot of success and can often find l... After the recent arrests cameras are being installed here. Both married (to women) and in the store with wives. I was there at lunchtime, I cruised and sat for probably forty-five minute...I met a guy who was jacking and we watched each other jack off. Especially during the summer, usually from just before dark to 11 pm, horny high school and college guys will walk around the block. I have been here the last two nights between midnight and 1 am.

The first night I sucked off a very nice looking farm boy and last night I sucked him off again plus another younger guy. Place is kept clean and well managed as these places go.

Noontime or after 3 is best; catch someone on lunch or the after work crowd. It's a nice place but I've rarely seen other people here, much less gotten any action. Tippecanoe County Parks and Tippecanoe County Sheriffs department has arrested several men in a two day sting operation. And owner moved the store to being fully visible from one of the busiest roads in town. Put money into the machine and not thirty seconds later my first visitor stopped in. I'm a 30's local who goes maybe one or two times a month to suck cock. I'd had some good times mid-afternoon when one of the local assembly p... I've been there many times and the folks are all very friendly with a liv...

From either direction, Sibley Street is in an area between railroad tracks. I've come here many times, mainly just for recreation. Stopped into the arcade hoping for some action and got more than I bargained for. Gay or straight, all are welcome at this adult complex.

Six were arrested in an undercover operation in the area between the Falls of the Ohio and Ashland State Park. This is public parking with restrooms and a children... They are putting substantial pressure on the mayor and pol... The picnic shelter and parking lot is on the right not far into the forest on the main road.

I have had success walking around the store and in the restroom meeting guys for later connections. Stopped by here and nothing but families in the park. Back on the trails toward the old outhouse we had some hot man squirt cum all over o... I walked in and a guy who had sucked me off before was standing by the urinal buck naked. If coming north from Bloomington, watch for the park sign at Pine Blvd.

It has reached a level of filthy that I thought they could never achie...