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To work out when you ovulate, subtract 14 days from the number of days in your cycle.

Read more about fertility treatment fees…There is no Medicare rebate available for Specialist Day Hospital procedures, although some rebates do exist for anaesthetic services.

Therefore, the amount for which you are covered for these admissions is dependent on your level of private health insurance.

Read more about private health fund cover…Medicare electronic claiming is the fastest and easiest way to claim your rebates associated with fertility treatment.

You will need to register your bank details with Medicare, we can then lodge the claim for you and your Medicare rebate will be paid into your nominated bank account.

If you have infrequent or occasional periods, or no periods at all, you may have an ovulation disorder.

This is often caused by a deficiency in one of the controlling hormones.

To claim the Medicare rebate, you need a current referral from your GP or specialist gynaecologist/obstetrician and ensure it includes your, and if applicable, your partner’s name.

This will enable you to reclaim all of the Medicare rebates you are entitled to.

It is important that you obtain a referral from your GP before your appointment, that way you will be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Your referral can be made out to a specific Specialist, or to Queensland Fertility Group.

Every month, from puberty to menopause, women go through a three-stage menstrual cyclethat takes around 26-32 days (typically 28 days).