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— stacicrim, Murphy, rx national identity, and gender can divide us in destructive ways, but our identification with others like ourselves also creates deep bonds that are valuable and worthy of respect. ERICKSON, Grand Forks, ND GIVING UP A CHILD Thank you for "A Daughter Lost & Found' 1 [December]. I too gave birth to a daughter and gave her up for adoption; I loved her so much that I wanted a better life than I could provide as a 16-year-old mother. Gwen Stefani recently confessed to holing up in her closet to get a break from her children. Seeing that, my parents worked hard to help me keep my weight in check. "The ountain grass and sky beco e a part of each roo ." Fro the aster suite with two balconies, to the three distinct outdoor living spaces connected by a continuous "boardwalk " the HGTV Drea Ho e Tea has created an ideal ho e in which to live, entertain, and play, A ttention to tradition is a theme in /J the 2012 HGTV Dream Home.

I have yet to meet her, but when I do, it will be like winning the lottery. —NANCY, Connecticut IN OUR DECEMBER ISSUE, Whys Guy Aaron Traister admitted that men sometimes share bedroom details amongst themselves. Donating, volunteering, and getting back to basics are such rewarding ways to make this time easier for all of us. COM I HOLLAND COLLECTION BY OPI inn l 1 r l Ai J V -J \ ' COLORS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Did You 'ear About Van Cosh? i ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, THESE CHIC FINDS AND ©Yes, you can (and should! Woodrum kept the furniture light and airy too, in textural grays, blues, and creams. So if your husband's are stinky, encourage him to keep them dry by sprinkling cornstarch on them and in his shoes.DO YOU MIND IF YOUR HUSBAND TALKS TO PALS ABOUT YOUR SIX LIFE? No "If he isn't talking to my parents or coworkers, who cares? " — jennfulford SILVER LININGS I was delighted to read the article about looking on the bright side during rough economic times ["Is There Anything Good About This Economy? The woman whose family traded hotels for campsites in order to keep the annual vacation alive reminded me of my own childhood, where the "free" family activities were the most fun. The golden yellow tones in the four matching prints on the wall over the fireplace pick up the warmth of the stone and tie the room together. 1 Healthier breasts The attention your guy pays to your pair could benefit you in more ways than one. He should wear cotton socks, not nylon, and never, ever put dirty socks back on.The difference is likely due to the added stress, researchers say. Try Vitafusion 8 Multi Vites~ for daily support and enjoy our Calcium swirls with added vitamin D. COM 79 SHAPE I P here's a nasty version of the wedding march— Here comes the bride, soon she'll be wide— that rings true for many of us. We blob blissfully on the couch with the hubster, and, of course, we have babies, But REDBOOK'S Wedding Dress Challenge can get you back to the sexy body you had as a bride! "The pizza will almost always call to you louder than the salad. " These are some research-proven, basic rules from Middleberg that can help you drop up to two pounds a week.If you do notice some thinning, talk to your doctor about anxiety and other possible culprits like vitamin deficiencies or thyroid issues. Sign on and here's what we'll give you: • A TANGIBLE GOAL Experts say it's crucial for motivation. • Eat three balanced meals and two small snacks a day. in bed Great clothes, shoes, jewelry and more, all under I ■ m X i I V \ \ Y HAIR? " Eva Longoria NO SULFATES NO HEAVY WAXES JUST ALL-OUT NOURISHMENT INTRODUCING Ever Creme SULFATE-FREE MOISTURE SYSTEM"" Because you're worth it. Ever Creme has no harsh sulfates or heavy, dulling waxes. 5-4 CELEBEAUTIES Faith Hill and Tim Mc Graw make wonderful scents together. Sometimes genetics predispose a person to be heavier, or medical conditions and prescriptions bring on weight gain. We were skeptical— until it with- stood a full week of heavy dishwashing and toddler-chasing without a single chip. — KAYLEIGH DONAHUE (E LJ l L VI 3 O o z a: o 3 TRY THIS TREND Clip your pony The prettiest hair idea from the spring '12 runways requires nothing fancier than a Goody barrette— the plain ol' drugstore kind.

\ Weight-loss ^M shortcuts and 1 prizes for losing v Makeup tricks t erase ten years p. COM The Voice star Blake Shelton crazy-honest details about life with Miranda Lambert spills ^ • / t" r Find out your real age... 52 BEAUTY SHOPPER Give yourself some love with these little treats. J collapsed in my driveway once, but it was worth it. /'//* so tired of men only noticing me for my body I hare a brain, too! / YES /NO There are too many other factors It's easy to point fingers at parents of overweight kids, but there are too many factors at play to blame them alone. MWAH i © A super-sleek air freshener that comes in clean, low-key scents. For a cheaper, faster fix, try Revlon Color Stay Nail Enamel, S799- When used with the Color Stay base and top coats, this polish promises up to 11 days of perfect gel-like color.

42 DRESS CODE Dress like a '60s hottie with tips from Mad Men's costume designer. Surely not every woman over a size 10 is balled up in the fetal position because she's not skinny, so why do we feel the need to point out when a woman "embraces her curves"? — TAMIKA SIMMONS, Phoenix I was thrilled to see Hillary Scott on your cover. I may not have Oreos in my home, but am I going to be able to keep my kids from eating them at a friend's? Until we can all agree on what's best to feed our kids, there's no sense in making parents feel guilty. They contain five UV filters (most sunscreens contain only three), "plus antioxidants for extra sun protection, and grapeseed extract, which guards skin from inflammation that can speed up aging," r~ says Jeannette I Graf, M. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW I I # 4 I III A A Get the latest on Decorating Health Food & More powered by ^ zinio Access your digital subscription on any device.

She and her bandmates are the real deal — talented and nice. Sure, for inactive, overweight kids who have inactive, overweight parents, it could be a result of parenting. COM Something is wrong at home when kids ar % e overweight Parents shoulder the lion's share of the blame for overweight kids. © Heavy-duty moisture for hands— in a pump cute enough to keep out on the sink. D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Click Here to Order Now Makeup: better than a face-lift! 1 • »» GREAT ROOM The HGTV Drea Ho e takes its cues fro the breathtaking landscape on which it sits.

I'm going to get back to simplicity with my family, starting right now! MEET THE 2012 HGTV DREAM HOME TEAM JACK THOMASSON HGTV DREAM HOME HOUSE PLANNER LINDA WOODRUM HGTV DREAM HOME INTERIOR DESIGNER JOHNGIDDING HGTV DESIGNER &HOST MONICA PEDERSEN HGTV DESIGNER & HOST "The HGTV Dream Home combines classic Western style with modern design and amenities, allowing for enjoyment of the surrounding natural beauty." — Jack Thomasson, HGTV Dream Home House Planner i DREAM HOME 2012 ENTER TWICE DAILY THROUGH FEBRUARY 17, 2012, AT HCTV. COM FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THE HOME, PLUS A 2012 CMC* TERRAIN* AND 0,000! Many women's breast lumps are initially noticed by partners, says Donnica Moore, M. Other common issues: Itching, burning, and scaly skin between his toes could be a fungal infection like athlete s foot; small bumps on his soles may be warts that should be removed to prevent spreading. Slim Fastcom Ul AJUW&f »amy k Chocolate CALORIES PER SHAKE Plan: akes a day ur best tasting shakes ever!

-KRISTY FROST, Orlando, FL A SEPARATE CELEBRATION Thanks for the thought-provoking article "Whv Can't We Celebrate Everything? While it breaks my heart that the author's son felt hurt after being left out of the Hanukkah part} 7 , 1 couldn't help but sympathize with the mom who chose to keep the party among others of her family's faith. Every month in "Vows 2.0" (page 101), we come up with new promises that define modern marriage. • "I vow to squeeze your butt daily for as long as we both shall live." -SHANNON TURI. 1 when the kids did something wrong and you weren't even in the same room." — christyruhe-reaves ii ril love you in health and laziness." — cecilialedford Write to us! PARK CITY asts a lifetime Bellawoocrs prefinishei ""a 100 year warranty. D., author of Women's Health for Life, who also points out that early detection is key to beating breast cancer. HI \ITHY VOl 1 GOT KIDS Would you get this close to his feet? Don't let foot problems go untreated— they can become so painful that you can't put your shoes on." —JOHANNA YOUNER, A PODIATRIC SURGEON IN NEW YORK CITY 12 3 w It's happening: personal trainers for kids It sounds like something you'd see on the Real Housewives of Ritzy City: Half a million kids ages 6 to 17 in the United States work out one-on-one with fitness says the International Health, & Sportsclub Association. COM EATING BETTER HAS NEVER BEEN SO DEUCIOUSLY EASY 'Momingstar Farms Gtliers' Original (fc-'- c I 6g fat per serving, compared wth frozen ground 4g fat per serving Compansir r-es PCC PAT fat per serving Cornpanse- es START THE WEEK OFF RIGHT WITH j Ho M^St^ Going meatless on Monday is a simple way to start enjoying a healthier eating routine. Up to A hours hunger control /10g Protein / 5g Fiber et ready for your WOW!

3 Better sleep This one is worth your weight in tennis bracelets: Women in strong marriages are 50 percent less likely to have difficulty falling or staying asleep compared with unhappily paired ladies, says a study from the University of Pittsburgh. Does it matter if you actually manage to zip your wedding dress all the way? The point is to use the gown— or any piece of smaller-size clothing— to spur you on and gauge your progress. Find out how many total calories your body needs at, or use this little cheat sheet: Breakfast: 300 calories Lunch: 400 calories Afternoon snack: 150 calories Dinner: 500 calories Evening snack: 150 calories.