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The latter will be especially useful for people with a fragile phone data plan but a wholesome (if not infinite) data cap on their home Internet.

Now that you’ve disabled automatic updates for all apps, how do they update?

To use the feature, search for Updates within the Cortana field on the Start Menu and pick Check for Updates.

Under the Update Settings, click Change Active Hours, then set your Start and End time for your work day.

Thankfully for those who still want to keep automatic updates running, but want to make sure they never hit you at a bad time – Microsoft has a solution. The feature is available to Windows Insiders now and will be coming to the 300 million users running Windows 10 this summer with the Anniversary Update.

Active Hours lets you specify certain times of day when your operating system cannot surprise you with an update.

Even if your data plan is fine, you might find it annoying that apps download updates as they please and want a bit more control over what updates when.

In either case, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to stop Android apps from automatically updating themselves without your permission.

Instead customers will have to cough-up either £99 or £130 to upgrade their machines to Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro, respectively.

The news comes as renown Microsoft author and pundit Paul Thurrott said the popularity and new capabilities built into i OS and Android could spell the end for Microsoft and Windows 10.

Find the app that you want to stop the auto-updates for.

In this example we’ll be stopping Google Chrome from automatically updating itself, so we tap that app on the list.

If you want to stop all apps from automatically updating themselves, follow these steps. Beside the search bar on the left you’ll see an icon which consists of three lines, one on top of the other. Once done, you’re presented with a selection of different options for auto-updating apps.