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John will have a test every Monday on one of his subjects and for every question he gets right, he earns one grade point.

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Do balance old and new Meeting a diverse group of people will in turn make you more cultured and open to different ideas, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need your old buds.Hang on to your squad—in HS, it’s totally cool to be a social circle butterfly. Don’t give in to peer pressure You might hear it all the time, but that's because it's so important: be yourself!Don’t let a relationship consume your life Although relationships are fab, your education should always come first.Make sure bae knows this, and create some sort of “work, then play” schedule for texting/Face Timing during weeknights.Do challenge yourself Instead of going for the easy A, pick a class or club that’s out of your comfort zone. Plus, you'll feel *super* accomplished when you ace that tricky exam.

Don’t waste your weekends When your workload increases during high school, you’ll need to make smart sacrifices, like skipping a party Friday night to work on a project, so you can have tons of free time with your crew on Saturday.

If you get caught drinking, doing drugs, cheating or anything else of the sort, your school may have the ability to suspend or expel you for it.

Football Star was the first 'mega-pack' within the Surviving High School series as well as the first school year that SHS has covered.

If you’re careful about balancing schoolwork with your social life, you’ll be able to get it all done *and* have a blast.

Do reinvent yourself If there are things you didn’t like about yourself in middle school—low self-confidence, serious slacker tendencies—you can make a total transformation before the first day. Don’t forget your fam Just because you’re really busy doesn’t mean that you can just ditch your fam. Parents and sibs can always provide some of the best advice and reality checks. Do take things slow Here’s a bit of guy advice: you don’t have to find a BF as soon as you get into high school.

The boys will never disappear—that I can guarantee—so take your time.