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If you have made changes directly to the template files, you will need to take extra caution while updating.Any files changed by the update will likely overwrite any of these existing modifications.Make any necessary changes to your blog's CSS code in the future from the same location in the Blogger Template Designer.

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Once this is done, a notice should appear indicating that the template has been successfully updated.

At this point, you should be able to test your site for any issues and operate as normal.

Problem Scenario: End-users actively started using their "My Sites" and most of their My sites reached the site collection storage quota limit of 100MB! Power Shell -Error Action Silently Continue #Define the parameter values: My Site Web App URL, Quota Template Names $Web App URL = " $My Site Quota = "Personal Site" $Temp Quota = "Starter" #Get the Quota Templates $content Service = [Microsoft. Quota Templates[$My Site Quota] $Temp Quota Template = $content Service.

Gradually started receiving many requests to increase storage limits. Users still receiving "Your changes could not be saved because this Share Point Web site has exceeded the storage quota limit." error while trying to upload a file or add new item to their Share Point site. Power Shell Script to Apply Quota Changes: Lets use Power Shell to apply Share Point 2010 quota template changes.

You should make a note of any and all of these changes so you can reapply them after the update.

The rest of the update process should proceed as described in the previous section.

These applications allow you to compare, contrast and merge changes in both files and folders.

There are a variety of different tools available for both Windows and OS X, both free and commercial.

You can access the advanced settings of the Template Designer to change all design elements of your blog, including the page layout, background, links and more.

You can safely tweak your blog's design by using custom CSS code, as it will not alter your blog's core HTML design.

Only files included with the core template as received by Rocket Theme are at risk of being overwritten.