Updating cell phone tower service

They were deceitful and told the new carrier that the numbers were not valid, then later gave incorrect account numbers to the new carrier in an attempt to cause difficulty in them obtaining access.It took 4 hours and several members of management on the line from the new carrier to get the information needed to transfer service.

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After talking to three different people the next day and doing all the basic BS AGAIN I was finally told that I had to go to an Apple store and if they couldn't fix it then I could get a new phone only if Apple said it was my phone.Needless to say after researching online a couple hours I found out the only fix was to factory reset my phone and you cannot restore it from the backup because it will restore the settings and the APN from AT&T would be back on the phone.While at the new carrier's place of business, they contacted my old carrier (Straight Talk) to get the numbers transferred over.Straight Talk was very unprofessional and refused to cooperate with customer service.I joined Straight Talk with my own number and now that I want to change to another carrier they will not release my number so I can keep the number I've had for 12 years.

They want me to pay to activate my phone with them before I can keep my number. Customer service lied and everyone I talked to told me different lies.

I have been with Straight Talk for over two years and this was my worst experience.

I called originally to have my APN updated on my i Phone 6 because my internet was running a little slow.

Couldn't use it at all, I was told to call from another phone in order to have the issue resolved so when I finally did at work they just did the same thing with turning it off and back on blah blah blah.

My internet said that I was not subscribed to a data plan.

A Second level member of management with Straight Talk, as a courtesy for all of the trouble agreed to unlock my daughter's i Phone once the SIM card was placed in it.