Updating classic america bungalows

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Features a collection of more than 50 residential homes in North & South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Details how to use flexible space and make the most of a narrow lot, how to use every square foot of living space, while also responding to rising ecological concerns and energy bills.

"Wisconsin's Own" is their fourth joint book on residential architecture.

Their three previous books are "Updating Classic America: Bungalows," "Updating Classic America: Ranches," and "Cottage."Zane Williams has been a professional location photographer for four decades with wide-ranging assignments both abroad and in his home state.

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With more than 43,000 real estate agents in Toronto, choosing the right one might seem like a daunting task.The book is richly illustrated with the photography of Zane Williams complemented by historical images and watercolors and line drawings by the authors. Caren Connolly & Louis Wasserman Photographs by: Zane Williams320 pages380 color and b/w photos and illus.11 in. Hardcover ISBN 9780870204524Orders normally ship within 5 - 7 business days - no expedited orders, please."In a very real sense, history is just stories about people.A hundred years after the first Bungalows were built, that philosophy is still timely.These are the home, Gladu believes that will endure the test of time."Bungalows "is a unique combination of outstanding designs and proven ideas for renovating, remodeling, and building a bungalow style home.