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However, Cloud Foundry can support a more robust production web server, such as Phusion Passenger, Puma, Thin, or Unicorn.This patch allows to assign a template for Trackers to be inserted in the description field when creating a new Issue. and are able to configure different description templates for different trackers.when changing the Tracker on an issue the Description content of an issue will be updated to the template of the new Tracker as long as the Description content has not been changed.

Somehow it does not update the description template according to the chosen tracker. This is a great patch that I would love to see included as standard.It is worth noting that the default ":string" type for the template column in 102_add_trackers_above limits the template to 255 chars. The attached patches provide support for the tracker templates and take care of the updating issue when changing trackers, i.e.I really wanted to set the Server tag to "Unknown" to make our Qualys scans happy.So, I installed mod_security, now called libapache2-modsecurity, following this Digital Ocean tutorial.This is useful to maintain the standardization of issues. Upon creation of new issue, the description template for the default tracker is shown.

However, when a different tracker is chosen from the drop down list, the description template shown remains the one for the default tracker while other custom fields are updated according to the chosen tracker.I was having trouble getting the Server line in the HTTP header changed.This advice should work for Debian branch distros with systemd and Apache 2.4.7. Some advice I found was to do This led me to /etc/apache2/conf-available/where both Server Tokens and Server Signature were specified.At A Small Orange, we know that customer support is one of the most important aspects of hosting.We have a full team ready to answer your questions and solve your problems, 24/7/365.Setting the "Server Tokens" to "none" seems to remove the "Server" header value, although the header itself keeps being sent in the response, but now it has a null value.