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Having validated dates is pretty useful for a note taking app.It means that I can ask questions such as: "Do I have any notes about date XY?The user will be given the option to decide the 'type' for the value.

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Even worse it might not sanitize the value and directly pass it into a html statement.That means an attacker could use it as a vector to pass active Javascript into the page.If a developer looks at a dataset with 100000 rows and 1000 that he randomly checks contain numbers, he might treat the dataset as containing numbers.Developers do make errors from time to time and when unvalidated content is thought to be validated that can result in the application being able to be attacked via SQL injections.Google Now might be interested in some cases to give you an card that related to the note for the date.

It reasonable behavior for a function in some library that takes a color value to crash when given the string: "the color of an apple".If the application is more complicated there might very well be a setting to display "1233" stored in the database as "1,233"."0.2" and ".2" should both input the same thing into the database.Each re CAPTCHA user response token can only be verified once.If you need a new token, you will need to call grecaptcha.reset() to ask the end user to verify with re CAPTCHA again.Just because you at the moment don't want to do anything with the value doesn't mean that a future developer of your application wouldn't want to do anything with it.