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Be gentle with them, and they will serve you according to their lights. I never lost the value of a pin's worth during my stay, though many were the opportunities afforded to a person addicted to stealing ; I never had a rude word addressed to me, but had many courtesies offered in the graceful Indian fashion ; and when I left, the servants of the place, down to the very smallest chokra, drew np to si Jaam and wish Mamselle 'bon voyage,' mutually sorry to part. By WUkie Collins, Author of * The Woman in White * : Chaps. Of the sugar-cane, its growth, and the process it undergoes be- fore it is presented to us in the form fiimiliar to us on our table, so much has been written before by those who understand such things — and the feminine mind gets rather confused among the complications of 'virgin canes,' and 'first and second repousse,' and ' vacuum pans,' and ' centri- fugal force,' and turbines,' and ' gray v^sous ' — that I shall not attempt a description, though I was much interested in the sight of a mill in working order, and thought that I had mastered the deta Us till I came to describe them viva voce.

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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. So, taken all in all^ carefully balancing climate, luxuries, natural beauty, and friendly society against distance &om friends, a certain sense of banishment, a more rapid wear and tear of the system than is perhaps experienced in cooler climes, Mauritius may be con- sidered a fortunate residence for those whose fate compels them to Hve abroad ; and to a visitor like myself it holds out attractions sufficient and varied enough to induce one to prolong one's stay to unlimited length, to look back on its beautiful shores with regret- ful pleasure, and to add a feeble tribute of praise to its too little- known loveliness and worth. It may be taken for granted, then, that the motley crowd of saloon and steerage pas- sengers that were scattered upon this occasion over the quay had either no control over their move- ments, or were forgetful of those signs upon the calendar that are supposed to mark the tumults of the deep. However that may be — ^though since those days the times and seasons of my many Atlantic ventures have always been selected, if selected sometimes to little purpose, with somewhat more respect for Nep- tune's fancies — I never remember to have left my native shore under climatic conditions more calculated to endear its memory to a depart- ing exile than upon this occa- sion.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. It was not only that the sun shone from an unclouded sky with a brightness that in these days we are thankful for in July, but the air had that balminess which poets alone are apt to connect with the spring, and was so Hght as not even to ripple the waters of the Mersey, which shone with a bril- liancy that banished from the mind the filth and smoke of the great city which throbbed upon its shores.

price wl^icl^ superior articles of the same sori would cost at home.

beginning at one end of the ^Ghauss^,' the principal street — in fact, the Bond Street of Mauritius — we have systematical- ly, painfully, and patiently, under the rays of the midday sun, entered every shop, first on one of the street and th^n on the other, and &iled ^h Mw ia obt .tainiog what we desii^ Jt w fiot that they have not goods, bu^ ^uch gpods Its no one seems te want, and double the.

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Of hurricanes, of which the planters stand in great fear, and which do every other year or so an enormous amount of damage in the island, I had no practical experience.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. During a very strong gale we had in January, when the immense iron-clamped shutters with which each house is pro- vided were firmly closed, and the rain beat down with tropical force, and the lawn and gardens were covered with twigs and flowers ruthlessly broken off, and we sat in semi-darkness amid a steaming atmosphere like a vapour-bath, listening to the roar of the wind coming in sudden leaps like some wild animal, enough was re- vealed to me of the devastating power of those cyclones in the grave looks of the residenters of the island, in the anxious con- sultations over barometers and aneroids, and the numerous tele- grams from the observatory about tiie velocity of the wind, to make me content with what I had seen, and wish no nearer acqusdntance with a hurricane. Horse-racing : some old Matches and some new Dodges . Words fail me when I try to de- scribe the shops and the articles which they contain, or rather which they do not contain ; for hoping against hope, week after week have we gone into town in search of the very commonest materials for fancy work, or, indeed, some- times for wearing apparel, and * Since this was written he has left the islaud. In those who have heard Patti and Nilsson, Capoul and Faure, the prime donne and tenori of Port Louis awake but little enthusiasm ; but in the eyes and ears of people who havewnever left the little island but to spend a month at Bourbon, Mesdames £. But amid much that is pleasant there lacks in Mauritius one thing dear to a woman's soul, and that is scope to supply her love of shopping. The Hunting-Field : its Heroes and their Exploits . For amusements, there are in the cool 6eason a few balls, both public and private, when the rooms are beautifully decorated with palm- leaves, pampas grass, scarlet and white lilies, poinsettias, axkd other ^Qowers, the charming results of which decorations are most fre- quently due to the artistic- taste and most ready and unwearied assistance of one of the prominent members of society in the island, whose good-nature and unselfish- ness are acknowledged by every one.* There are cricket and archery clubs, large weekly meet- ings at private houses for lawn- tennis, and an opera troupe comes out from Franoe for four months and fills the little theatre in Port Louis. and R are little short of angels, and are encored and brava'ed night after night, while bouquets shower upon the stage, and benefit nights reap a golden store. for the virulence of the epithets used, and the candoar with which every one is discussed.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Seated upon the plain corded boxes that enclosed their household gods, accoutred with the regulation tin plates and pannikins slung upon their backs, a melancholy band, they stood ready for their trans- formation into American citizens. Mc Loskie, as caterer, had been enabled, by the generous instruction^ of the donor, to far surpass any effort that he had ever before made in this line.