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If you're an Illinoisan who's interested in working, it's important to know the minimum legal age you must be to start working in Illinois.If you're eligible to begin working, you must then consider any restrictions you face in the workplace because of your age.

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With everything else to worry about when it comes to planning a wedding, technical marriage requirements and getting the actual marriage license might seem pretty far down on the list.

At the county clerk’s office you will need to fill out and sign a marriage license application and present identification, like a driver's license, passport, or birth certificate.

If either you or your fiancé were divorced within the last six months, you will need a certified copy of the divorce decree.

Marriage license fees can range from to depending on what county you are in and there is a 24-hour waiting period to get married.

When school isn't in session, they can work between 7 a.m. but no more than eight hours per day, six consecutive days in a week and 40 hours a week. But like their younger counterparts, they can't work jobs in hazardous conditions.

Mining and manufacturing aren't off limits to them, though. It helps teens to learn the value of money, responsibility, teamwork, punctuality and much more. Rather than relying on their parents for allowance money, working teens can use their own money to buy clothes, music, concert tickets and other treats.In Illinois, you generally must also be 14 to work, but younger children can work in the state as well.For example, 12 and 13 can work on farms, and with their parents’ consent.Also, youth ages 16 to 20 may present an age certificate to employers, but it is not required under Illinois state law.Teens ages 14 and 15 can perform a variety of jobs, including working as clerical workers, cashiers, cooks (in limited capacities), cleaners, kitchen workers, artists, intellectuals or creatives.While this isn't ideal, working at a young age can help a teen avoid some of the pitfalls others in their predicaments face.