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We're introduced to them while they're still at home in England.In the order of their billing, they are Evelyn Greenslade (Judi Dench), who has been forced to sell her London flat; the sniffy Muriel Donnelly (Maggie Smith), who doesn't like foreigners but requires a cheap hip replacement; Douglas and Jean Ainslie (Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton), who are not merely unhappily married but have lost a bundle on their daughter's Internet company; Graham Dashwood (Tom Wilkinson), who spent the happiest years of his life in India and has now returned to seek his young love; Madge Hardcastle (Celia Imrie), who is open to the possibility of finding a husband, and Norman Cousins (Ronald Pickup), who is open to the possibility of finding a one-night stand.

As we meet them jammed on the bus from the airport, we suspect that the film will be about their various problems and that the hotel will not be as advertised.What we may not expect is what a charming, funny and heartwarming movie this is, a smoothly crafted entertainment that makes good use of seven superb veterans.A good start might be chasing the pigeons from the rooms.The story is light-footed and cheerful for the most part, especially when Evelyn does job-hunting and the romance-seekers experiment with online dating services.Awaiting her affordable hip replacement, she notices a low-caste girl who is sweeping the hotel and gives her a hint.

Smith, we discover, spent her entire life in service, raising the children of others, and now in retirement, there is no one to take care of her. He worked in theatre and television before his first cinema role in 1981, and made his name in television with The Men's Room in 1991, in which he played the womaniser Prof.Mark Carleton, whose extramarital affairs kept him "vital".Service Manager Margaret Allan said:"We are all very proud at Laurandy to have won this special award..........." Duncansby Head Whale and Dolphin Watch Two dates to join the Rangers at the Whale and Dolphin Watch.Wednesday 23rd May 3.00pm - 5.00pm Friday 25th May 10.00am - 12.00pm Jobs - Business News - Community News - Whats On - Arts Exploring Life's Key Questions This introductory bat detector workshop involves an evening classroom session followed by a practical field session starting around dusk.Evelyn apparently spent most of her life having her husband settle all important questions, something to regret after he dies and she finds herself broke.