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On January 19, 2010, City News at Noon, City Online and City News at Five were cancelled as part of layoffs and restructuring within the Citytv stations.

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The show has also been duplicated by other television stations owned by CHUM Limited as well, and its format has been licensed to several television stations around the world, such as Citytv Barcelona and Citytv Bogotá.Until 1987, the anchors on City Pulse sat behind an anchor desk in a dark studio with two orange-red-black striped beams and a television set between the two anchors.In 1987, Mroczkowski moved to the supper-hour show to co-anchor with Martineau. On May 4, 1987, City Pulse moved into another newsroom set back at 299 Queen Street West in Toronto, following the move of the station's operations from 99 Queen Street East.By March 2008, City News Toronto was struggling in the ratings, coming in third (with an average of 100,000 viewers) after CTV (326,000 viewers) and Global (126,000).Prior to 2008, City News and local cable news channel, CP24 were a combined operation sharing the same newsroom and studio space at 299 Queen Street West.

CP24 simulcasted Citytv news programs such as Breakfast Television and City News.In 2015, the station changed the format of its evening newscasts, removing the in-studio anchor and having all stories presented by videojournalists on the field.The format is designed to appeal to younger viewers with a more "raw" presentation, and appeal to increased trust in the reporters and their journalism.City News (corporately styled City News) is the title of news and current affairs programming on the City television network in Canada.It is broadcast as a local newscast in its own right on the network's Toronto, Edmonton, and Winnipeg stations, while on the remaining City stations it airs only as the news headlines segment during each station's Breakfast Television morning show.On January 21, 2008, City News at 5 debuted, drawing a scant 1% share of the Toronto market at 5 p.m.