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This has been just week few main and key relationship bust ups however it appears like the winner of Grammy Award and her man were doing absolutely fine...

Like Keenan, Sophie was one of the original Saddle Club three.Sophie got herself a media, theory, and production degree, and now works as a producer in Ontario, Canada.She also continued acting, most recently in Prom Wars, and even worked in retail at American Apparel for a bit.Today she works as an Art Director for a company in New York.Kristi, infamous for being the stable flirt, played Veronica's right-hand man, shading the Saddle Club girls at any chance they got.

After finishing her acting stint on the show, she went on to form the group, "Sophia & Kia" with co-star Sophie Bennett.

First, Max blames Red for the fire that was really caused by Jake's negligence. When Phil finally gets the nerve to ask Stevie for a date, Veronica intercepts his invitation.

Finally, Lisa's attempt to win the perfect wedding gift has disastrous results To be in the Saddle Club there are two rules: You must be crazy about horses, and you must look out for your friends!

Everyone says it was Lara Jean Marshall who had died but it was actually Jessica Jacobs who died.

She slipped onto the train tracks and a train hit her Lara Jean Marshall: Lisa Jessica Jacobs: Melanie No,she didn't. That's why in Chronicles it's just stories that the butler and people are telling. Then they finally find her and thus making Angel Of Darkness.

Nathan has had a very successful acting career since leaving the show.