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Ricky joined a gang and Zapata joined the NYPD yet she had tried to talk him around and had eventually given up when that hadn’t worked.

Zapata had given up on him because she thought he couldn’t be saved and she didn’t realize what that must have felt like until her own team gave up on her.

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They were going over what it must have been like to come from their neighborhood and become a cop when Zapata noticed a shooter.

She protected her friend and had hidden themselves up they came up with a plan of action.

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Roman had changed allegiances on tonight’s all-new episode of “Blindspot” because he fell in love with Blake Crawford. Roman was supposed to gain her trust and then he was supposed to her.

She had gone out to dinner with her husband because they hadn’t had time for just themselves and so they had taken Richie suggestion to go out.

They went to a romantic restaurant and they were talking until Jane noticed that there was a woman watching them.

Crawford was whisked to a safe location and Roman had promised him that he would handle the FBI.

The FBI, in this case, being Jane and her team, so Roman knew he had to get Jane first.

Roman knew that Jane’s curiosity would force her to follow someone with a clear agenda and when she did she ran into right into a group that got a drop on her as well as Weller.

The two had gotten split up and the next thing Jane knew she was waking up in a small enclosure that had a tv.

Blake was never anything more than a mark until Roman suddenly realized he fell in love with her and was willing to do kill for her.