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Pictures started circulating of the two at the Twilight premiere in June of 2010, where Edwards was called only, “a friend from Iowa.” Johnson first acknowledged her boyfriend the way most socially conscious young athletes do now,…

by Twitter sending a picture and saying, It’s great to have him.

When KJ got to Bieber's pad -- he blocked Justin's Ferrari in the driveway and got out of his car to confront Justin face-to-face ... As we previously reported, at least 2 people called the police on Justin that night -- and cops responded to the singer's home. sources say SEVERAL people witnessed the speeding incident -- and say Justin was definitely in the driver's seat.

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Eric Dickerson, who also lives in Calabasas, just tweeted ...Former USA Gymnastics teammates Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin are lending their support to their fellow gymnasts who have spoken out about sexual assault from Larry Nassar.“As a small first step, I have requested that all proceeds (ticket sales, merchandise sales, and any and all other revenue) from the Nastia Liukin Cup this March will be donated to an organization which supports victims of sexual abuse.I am currently doing my due diligence to find the right organization.” Head over to Nastia to read her full post and watch Shawn‘s video below…(the hottie in the pic below) Andrew Dean East is a senior student at Vanderbilt, This Indianapolis 6’2” football player is the son of Guy and Marsha East, and the brother of Guy, James and Grant; and, Christine. But I experienced the greatest surprise a girl could ever ask for today....

Let’s start with marriage first, Andrew East took his pretty gymnast girlfriend to Chicago’s Wrigley Field Friday where Shawn threw out the game’s first pitch when Andrew surprised her by getting down on one knee on the field and asked her to marry him!! The love of my life @andrewdeast asked me to be his forever AND I SAID YES!!!!!!“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1- Corinthians If I had a dime for every time someone has sat on my couch, in tears about a recent breakup, I think I’d be a rich man. Fighting bitterness or fighting to get over the pain of the loss. ) If the gospel really makes a difference in our lives, it should show itself in the worst of moments.I pastor a very young church (the average age is 28). ” conversations is a fairly normal part of what I do.[1] Not every relationship ends in marriage. Giving yourself over to quick peeks at his or her face-book page or Instagram account. But if Christian dating looks no different than the world then our faith shows itself to be relatively useless.Later, she said during an interview with the Des Moines Register in September of 2010: ”It’s great to have him.He’s an amazing athlete and he works out every day, and we have that in common.” Shawn came back to DWTS All Star in 2012 , this time with Derek Hough with whom she whon the competition.A few years ago we heard that Shawn Johnson’s boyfriend was some hot guy named Ryan Edwards.