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"I've been my heaviest in my relationship with Wilmer and also been my thinnest," she explained."He's seen it all and loves me equally, and it gives me confidence to know that." Wilmer echoed similar sentiments about his girl, calling Demi his "f--king soul mate" in a funny text conversation that surfaced online.

It hurts my feelings because I like him." A 17-year-old Lindsay Lohan fell hard for Mr. They met at an LA-area nightclub in May then started dating. However, in true Valderrama fashion, he told Stern that she was a "screamer" the following year.Dina Lohan, who's no fan of keeping out of her daughter's business, blabbed that the actor was Li Lo's "first love." Valderrama was at the starlet's side when she was hospitalized for exhaustion that year but they split in November, a week after she was a guest star on The next year, Valderrama was rumored to be dating singer Ashlee Simpson. Don't worry, Simpson sorta got him back by writing the song "Boyfriend" after the split.They were photographed together but never admitted to being an item -- at the time. She said about the hit: "There was some Hollywood drama a couple years ago and I just to hell with it and wrote about what was going on."After about a 4-year break from Hollywood relationships, Valderrama was back in the spotlight with a new songstress: Avril Lavigne.This unlikely couple got together in October 2009, right after she divorced Deryck Whibley, and only lasted through New Year's.Well, it seems as though he's courting actress Minka Kelly, who apparently just ended things once and for all with baseball star Derek Jeter.

Those good ol' unnamed sources tell magazine the actors have been spending lots of quality time together in L. In fact, more insiders with little credibility say Mr.Valderrama has been ignoring other women in the interest of pursuing the actress. When quizzed about his love life on Ryan Seacrest's talks show today, Valderrama used his Handy Manny voice (from his Disney Jr.The 36-year-old actor is joining the cast of the long-running drama as a new series regular, the network announced on Thursday, one month after Michael Weatherly said farewell after 13 seasons.This shouldn't be too much of a surprise, though: The 32-year-old has a long history of success with some of Hollywood's hottest stars. And, she'd just ended things with beau of two years Carson Daly.She and Valderrama had a brief fling, then both went on their merry ways. Neither star has ever confessed to dating, but they were awfully close while filming the hit show. They dated on and off from 2001 to 2002 and kept their relationship relatively private.This just doesn't seem to be the week for young love.