Withings scale not updating

The clean, minimal and modern design reflects the entire product experience.

This is a website that makes you want to visit, which you’ll do often if you use a Wi Fi scale.

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Hardly a difficult process, but things like having your Wi Fi password can cloud the setup process for less technical users.

Make not mistake, both are very easy, along with being set and forget type devices.

Conversely, the Fitbit Aria comes with nothing but the scale (batteries come installed, with a yellow strip of paper to prevent any drain).

Both require a set-up process that requires you connect your Wi Fi scale to the Internet and create an account on their respective websites.

Fear not, here's everything you need to know about restarting, rebooting, and resetting your Pulse.

Actually, it's not just about your Pulse, but a series of troubleshooting steps you can try to help fix any issues you may be having with the device failing to sync, starting to sync but stopping, prompting you to "Start App", and just being a bit of a pain. The device will attempt to sync after the first 3, but persist and the screen will go blank for a couple seconds before showing "hello", indicating it has rebooted.

Experiencing frustration trying to get your Withings Pulse to Bluetooth sync?

You may know that "turning it off and on again" cures all manner of technology woes, but how do you know how to reboot your Pulse?

There’s something about the Fitbit Aria that welcomes you, gives you a hearty embrace and says, “”.

Dashboard Comparisons When you finish the setup, each will land you at the ‘Dashboard’ section of your account.

The Fitbit Aria has the advantage here from the pure out of box experience.