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He stressed the need for the two sides to invest in strengthening the bonds of cooperation and convergence between Palestinians and Arabs in general on the one hand, and Israelis on the other.

A telegram from the Under Secretary of State for Information and Technical Affairs to Saud Al-Faisal showed that the Saudi side is interested in the Israeli reaction to this article, which can be described as one of the test balloons to strengthen ties between Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

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Vatican City might be the world’s tiniest nation but it’s no slouch when it comes to stamp design.In fact, Vatican City stamps are ranked by many among the world’s most beautiful. See for yourself on Arago, the Postal Museum’s online catalog where you can view every stamp issued by this unique nation.This week we updated the collection to include the 2010 stamp issues.A few highlights include composers Chopin and Schumann, ancient Christian works of art and a stamp that unfolds into a miniature book.The Jews have no relation to it, whether or not a decision to expropriate it was made." (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Ikrama Sabri in the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam, November 22, 1997.

While Mecca is the only place demanded for Muslims in the Quran, Judaism is the only religion in which the city of Jerusalem is an inseparable part of religious faith.

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This means that the Saudi authorities have allowed companies, which have relations with Israel, to work in the Kingdom in various fields, since the mid-nineties, and that the review is only restricted to special cases related to information security.

In this context, the Israeli newspaper In mid-2012, Major General Nayef bin Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, one of the most important Saudi military commanders who is specialized in the fields of special operations and electronic warfare, published an article in the magazine of the American Joint Forces, which spoke positively about Israel and the need to strengthen relations between his country and Tel Aviv.

Since that date, the effectiveness of the ties between Tel Aviv and Riyadh and the support of the rapprochement between the two are clearly noticed.