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However, “Miss Advised” reportedly cast many of the dates for the show via ads on Craigslist — I suspect that Craiglist Justin was one of them.) Now, whether Justin was a legit date or one hired for the show, this plot line gave us a looksie at how either A) this “relationship expert” really behaves and treats people or B) how she would like us to think she behaves and treats people. On their date, Julia makes no conversation, immediately determining that she and Craigslist Justin have no chemistry. But then she flirtatiously manipulates/asks him/gets him to volunteer to help her move boxes the following day. But then, instead of letting him leave with what remains of his dignity, she decides she has to “break up with him” (after one date, you guys!!!

“I would let him touch my boobs for moving my boxes,” in fact.

No, but seriously, if this was my first experience with Julia Allison, my conclusion would have been that she is terrible.For example, Julia’s behavior and treatment on a date with a guy nicknamed “Craigslist Justin.” (She says he got that nickname because she and JP almost rented an apartment from him, found via CL. ) When he suggests going out afterwards, on a second date, she’s evasive and weird because, duh, she was only using him. Full (super long) disclosure: I went into watching the debut episode of “Miss Advised,” Bravo’s latest reality show about three “dating experts” who are unlucky in love, already not a fan of Julia Allison, one of the program’s three stars.Allison, for those of you lucky enough to have gone this long without knowing her, is a bit of an internet celebrity; she was “discovered” by Gawker, so to speak, became a dating columnist for , and spent years blogging the details of her personal life on the web.Out steps a fellow at least 20 years my senior, with what might charitably be described as “not quite a full head of hair.” He presents me with two CDs (Kings of Leon and some other group) still in their Virgin Megastore bag, and announces that we’d be going to Bagatelle. Fleeing to the ladies’ room, I hysterically Twitter “Oh my GOD. The atmosphere and meal are pitch-perfect, and he turns out to be energetic, funny, intelligent and interesting—and one of the least skeezy men I’ve met in New York. And he is.] He will be back on Monday and will call you. He has one of the most fantastic attitudes of any guy I’ve met in New York. “He thought that you two had the exact same energy and good chemistry,” she e-mails.

I had judged him on his age and his appearance, and I was ashamed of myself. 4- Steve is tall, dark and handsome, 40, in banking. “I’m from the Midwest,” he tells me, which explains it. “But,” she cautions, “he wasn’t sure if you were serious about finding love.” Oh no! I immediately text him and reassure him that once I’m back from Vegas, D. Nine men, 15 dates and approximately 57 text messages later, my conclusion is unambiguous: Matchmakers are the best thing to happen to my dating life since I hit puberty.

It isn’t a romantic match, but we have a solid basis for a friendship. 2- James, 42, is an adorable doctor, smart and quite the catch! He is also away until Monday, but he is dying to meet you. C., Munich, and Davos, Switzerland, I’d love to see him again. ” Okay, so he didn’t read my “Bad textiquette” column the other week.

Because I’m giving guys a chance that I normally wouldn’t consider, I find that even “bad dates” through a matchmaker are pleasant experiences. He texts back, “I wanna go salsa dancing in Puerto Rico with you!

While the idea originally seemed prohibitively expensive, most matchmakers don’t charge ladies a penny.

And after sampling three, I discovered that the men who use these services are incredibly eligible bachelors.

She seems like someone who doesn’t believe in monogamy but is feeling pressure (from herself, the outside world) to ilk, though she’s not always so good at following the dated dating book’s advice.