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To those of us fortunate enough to have been close to him, the hole he left will never be filled. You were one of my first boyfriends when I moved to Belle Harbor.You took me to your senior prom at the Copa Cabana in NYC and gave me a beautiful opal necklace, which I still have. When you left for college and you met a new girlfriend, I was heartbroken. Cindy Mickey passed away on the Memorial Day weekend in 1995, four years ago, at age 48.

I've been growing feelings for a girl that i had not primarily been attracted to also. to add on- Nearly called one girl that I felt was digging me by her friends name( who likes me but Im not attracted to at all) now shes gone cold on me, wat do Some I just wanna bang, others I'd wanna date.

My only worry being the aftermath of a rejection or breakup seeing that we will share classes.

We were both capable students so we were really able to help each other out,” Kirven added.

India Hubbard, a Linfield junior Nursing student who also has experience in this topic, said “It goes both ways.

Dating classmates can be tough and uncomfortable but having someone to help out in class is an undeniable perk.

I've asked out a couple girls from my classes since i started college, beginning with texts then in person.

Silber said “I enjoyed always having him around in class.

We only had one elective course together and it was a nice change to have a significant other around in a class.

I absolutely could not imagine anyone minding a remembrance to Cosmo. We have finally thawed out and the water is flowing again.

I live on the shores of a small lake in upstate NY.

On Teacher-Conference Days, a large group of us would wear bathing suits under our clothes and walk to Beach 25th St. The year we were in 7th grade, (we only did two years JHS), I was caught by a wave and pulled out. Finally, I felt a hand on my hair, pulling me up and out. At first I was afraid my mother was going to kill me for forgetting the dreaded bathing cap; but, to this day I have never worn one again.