Dating matchless amplifiers

I was diggin around in the basement and came across a old Dukane PA amp I had bought for the Chassis and "Cage" a while back.

dating matchless amplifiers-73

When one of these lamps requires replacement, the entire chassis must be removed from the cabinet.To do this, first remove the power cord from the amplifier.Carefully remove the four screws on the top of the cabinet while supporting the weight of the chassis with one hand. To re-install the chassis, simply reverse the process. If the logo appears unevenly lit one of these lamps is probably out.The lamps are located in a reflector assembly known as a light box.Then remove the back panel by loosening the hold-down screws.

Remove the two wires that provide power to the logo. If the amplifier is a combo, disconnect the speaker plug located next to the fuse holder.The light box is positioned just above the speaker(s) and is removed by removing the securing screws and disconnecting the two wires that supply power from the chassis.The wires are connected with quick disconnect spades.We have found that over 90% of amp problems result from faulty tubes.If you can’t diagnose the problem, please call or email tech support to determine if the amplifier needs to be shipped back to us.However, we recommend you purchase the best tubes you can afford and we encourage experimentation with different brands.