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The prototype of the rather 'austerity' steel-bodied Timis 2 bogie cars emerged from the Timisoara workshops in the 1970s.

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It is hoped that locomotives L2 and L3 will become the property of the museum.The Timisoara tramway museum may be visited on request. Details are as follows: Muzeul Tramvaielor Timisoara Bulevardul Take Ionescu 56, Timisoara Tel.They have been involved in promoting the museum services and preservation of the former Arad-Podgoria Electric Railways.the establishing of the tramway museum together with RATT at the Bulevard Take Ionescu depot, and organsising historic tram services and private tram tours on the Timisoara system. Vienna platform wagons with snow ploughs for departmental use (6010 - Rohrbacher 1906; 6411 - Graf u. Please note that these vehicles may sometimes be at other locations, especially while track rebuilding is in progress.Production vehicles included single bogie cars, bogie cars coupled to trailers and 6 axle articulated units.

Most of RATB's extensive fleet of Timis 2 cars have now been withdrawn, though a few remain in the compound of the Timisoara Tramway Museum at RATT's Take Ionescu depot together with an interesting selection of historic vehicles (see below).

The network expanded in line with the growth of the city's industrial facilities and residential districts.

It extended north and east via Piata Traian into Fabric and to Timisoara-Est station (1909-1915), north from Cetate into the Mehala district (1923) , then west from there to Ronat (1948).

44 (0) 256 435 241; Fax, 44(0) 256 433354; Email: [email protected]; website under construction - a fabulous gallery on of atmospheric photographs taken in Timisoara during 1967, 19 by Hans Oehlemans (see above for a taste).

Note the absence of traffic and rural nature of some of the suburban workings.

During winter 2004-2005 eastward tram routes were being curtailed at Piata Traian where a temporary turning circle was in place.