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The date as we know it (boy asks girl out to engage in some activity) arose only in the 1920s.In the decades before, courting took place in the parlor of the woman's home at her invitation, with her extended family present.In 2011, Michael Stirrat, a psychology lecturer at Scotland's University of St Andrews, asked heterosexual subjects to look at a lineup of 10 faces of the opposite sex in ascending order of attractiveness and rate which they'd be more likely to pay for on a date.

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She got her hair done, her nails done; she spent a fortune on makeup.

She spent an hour and a half getting ready; he spent 20 minutes." And as a percentage of their respective incomes, a typical woman might contribute the same as the typical man, since we still earn only 78 cents to their dollar.

Yet the custom of the man picking up the check persists.

Indeed, in Lever's paper, based on a 2008 survey of more than 17,000 heterosexuals, 82 percent of men said they cover the majority of entertaining costs even after they've been dating for "a while," whereas a little over half of women reported sharing some—emphasis on some—of such expenses after six months.

While this puts XYers in an unenviable bind, Lever still sees progress here: "There are women out there who don't want to treat a man as a meal ticket.

They're saying, 'Look, I want you to consider me an equal.'"Yet there might be a primal reason men pay for dates—at least first ones.

It should be noted that not all women are cool with leaving the tab to the man.

In fact, while 39 percent of women said they wanted men to decline their offer to pay, another 40 percent said they'd be offended by that.

It totals 0 and doesn't even include makeup and clothes.

Lever heard this lament from her female respondents: "He can wear the same shirt again.

Prompted by, among other things, the rise of entertainment culture (restaurants, talkies, amusement parks), what had been a public event in a private space became a private event in a public space.