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Especially since, if you really are “anyone actually interested in this woman or her life,” you would realize that Freja’s maybe not quite as open about her sexual orientation asseems to think – ask any seventeen-year-old Tumblr-obsessed lesbian, and she’ll tell you that Freja, like Kate Moennig, has taken care to never have any sexual orientation stated publicly anywhere. As you may have noticed, that didn’t happen, and Marisa Meltzer has a lot of questions about this. Eight years after the show went off the air, the super-smart, dry, withering, righteously angry girls are largely absent from pop culture.

Sometimes all it takes is a shorter-than-your-shoulders haircut for a straight publication to assume that you’re a straight-up out-n-proud lez, and sometimes that’s not really how it works, yannow? For every sassy adolescent as played by Juno’s Ellen Page, our current teen cultural landscape is clogged with heroines whose principal interests, as on Gossip Girl, are status and men.

For example, in one post, the author presents an account of Arizona getting off the phone with Anna Wintour after finding out she lost the August Vogue cover to Sarah Jessica Parker. In another post, Freja serenades Arizona with the Mandy Moore song "Candy." Also, much of the dialogue is a little R-rated, which isn't surprising given the name of the blog: "FREJA AND ARIZONA ARE F***ING."this page contains photographs that we do not own.

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Mom and solidified it-girl Arizona Muse is reportedly dating Chanel campaign face Freja Beha Erichsen, per a blurb in Joann Pailey’s couture diary that reads, “The rumor mill is churning in our row.

And in searching for an image for this post, I’m led to think that perhaps this rumor shouldn’t have been so breaking?She is a PJ Harvey-listening, tattoo-having, tomboy-dressing, public-photographs-with-her-girlfriends-allowing, Danish supermodel lesbian. But the Coming Out Process For Celebrities isn’t sensical. They held signs reading “God Hates Jedi,” “Kill All Humans,” “Fags are Sexy Beasts” and “God Hates Kittens.” They even had a rallying cry, which went: “What do we want? (@i09) (@jezebel) Do you remember first watching Daria and thinking that this was the beginning of the future?We’re not quite there yet, though Jillian Michaels quite impressively broke rank this year when she innocuously dropped her sexuality into a article about losing weight or whatnot. The beginning of a time when girls could be smart and sassy and wear huge boots with no repercussions?Maple people feel well when they are the leaders because they have natural authority, great ambitions and pride. They can easily get excited by new things and it is easy for them to get others interested as well, but they usually cannot realise their ideas without the help of others. Jenna Sauers’ primary complaint about Freja Beha Ericson’s editorial was that it was super boring. We just get VOGUE for the pictures anyhow: It’s an article that could be submitted to win Ladymag Editorial Cliché Bingo: the endless discussion of the subject’s looks and her style, the series of fashion brand names that resounds like a bass line through the piece, the one-line quotes from industry sources, the report from the front lines of the photo shoot. If you Google her, one of the first things that comes up is a big picture of her kissing a chick, for God’s sake.“She has laid roots in Denmark, where she recently bought a home in which her best friend lives. We read about gay people all day and therefore know, KNOW like you KNOW that you’re gay, that “not living in the closet” does not a lesbian make. If had dropped the L-Bomb, it’d be all anyone was talking about, and Freja would lose her chance to come out spectacularly on the cover of People Magazine in 2015. KILL ALL HUMANS is actually Autostraddle’s motto, just a fun fact! ” The Westboro people stood across the street with their own signs.