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When asked if he uses any dating apps, Em responded, “Yeah, Tinder.I also used to go to strip clubs.” Eminem’s revelation that he uses Tinder may not come as a huge surprise to fans.

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Assembled from more than eight pounds of sweets, over one thousand M&Ms were used.- - - Words: Adam Anonymous Eminem’s new album ‘Relapse’ is released on May 18th through Interscope/Aftermath/Shady, followed by ‘Relapse 2’ later this year.

No word on whether the aftermath resembled a scene from Shady’s all-time favourite movie, classic gangster flick 'Scarface', but we’ll take a punt on no…6.

The Slim Shady moniker may never have materialised if he’d pursued one of his pre-fame jobs as a cook at a family restaurant in Michigan.

Still, you can take the white trash outta the trailer park, but old habits die hard: Em’s a Taco bell man nowadays.4.bears no grudge despite also being on the receiving end of Eminem’s video nasties.

During one of my relationships, I devoted all my time to my boyfriend and ended up resenting him.

I should have found a way to balance my own needs and interests with quality time with him. My relationships are very important but I need to be able to maintain my friendships, exercise, volunteer and experience all aspects of the community.

Too intimidating…and, simply put, guys don’t want that.

My calendar is always jammed packed with happy hours, volunteer events and recreational sports games.

The idea of finding a life partner who I love and who loves me who I can do awesome stuff with sounds amazing. I would be the Cameron Diaz instead of the Jessica Biel (who seems as interesting as a box of tissues…) I would be the Pippa and not the Duchess Catherine. You may be wondering: why would you think that you’re not marriage material?

I realized early on that I would be destined to be the Jennifer Lopez and not the Jennifer Garner.

I was recently chatting with a guy who voiced apprehension about dating me. I’m independent – I’ve also been told I’m not great marriage material because I don’t need to depend on a husband. But I’m not compromising myself to be in a relationship.