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Most OSHA 10 trainers also issue students a certificate of completion for the course. Exception: NYC Local Law 41 of 2008 Exception: Nevada Chapter 618 of NAC Amendment What happens if I lose my OSHA card?

The trainer who issued your card originally is authorized to issue you a replacement card.

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You just wanted to see people talk about masturbation, didncha? You're not allowed to do anything that you can't spell. Your girlfriends have a much different view then myself or any other guy I know. They are looking at it from a females point of view. Or maybe playing pocket pinball, oozing your noodle or just plain old wanking.While there is also no shortage of terms for the ladies either. Newer terms include getting lost in the deep end, Jillin’ of and enjoying some DIY time.Does Completing an OSHA 10 Course Mean I am OSHA Certified?Completing an OSHA 10 course does not mean you are “OSHA certified” (OSHA certification is a commonly misused term), it means you get an official wallet card from OSHA that demonstrates you completed the OSHA 10 hour course in either construction or general industry. Additional OSHA safety training is conducted on an as-needed basis.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.